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December 4, 2010

I have just managed to set my garlic before the snow arrived. Apparently it is easy to grow and without doubt is very good for your health. If you haven’t planted any yet then you should now wait until the spring.

When growing garlic the cloves are best sourced from a reputable seed supplier as the supermarket garlic may not be from your area and may well be unsuitable to grow in your climate. Split the bulb into cloves, plant each one pointed end up two centimetres deep fifteen cm apart in rows separated by 30 cm. Plant them where they will be able to take advantage of full sun, in a rich well drained soil or if you prefer in pots. Feed them with a liquid fertiliser and keep well watered and weed free.

In the summer when the tops change colour and the leaves die down, dig them up, dry them in the sun for a few days then hang them where they will be handy for you to use as and when you desire.

Garlic originates from central Asia, and is possibly one of the oldest plants that we humans have eaten for thousands of years—not just for the culinary delights it presents us with, but also for it’s medicinal qualities.

The Egyptians used it as a medicine to help keep the slaves building the pyramid Cheops healthy and strong, and Roman soldiers were given cloves of garlic on a daily basis to help them maintain their strength.

If you consume a garlic clove daily, you will be free of intestinal parasites such as worms. It will also help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, the sulphides found in garlic decrease the tendency for blood clots to form.

The juice from crushed garlic acts as an insect repellent and will neutralise the poisons of stings and bites.

Garlic crushed and steeped in water sprayed onto your vegetables is a very good natural insect repellent and has also been known to deter larger pests such as rabbits, squirrels and deer helping themselves to the fruits of your labours.

Worried that the smell of garlic will cause your friends to avoid you? Fresh parsley is useful in neutralising the smell.

Healthy Answers have a garlic tablet that is enteric coated and will pass through the acidic environment of your stomach to dissolve in the intestines, thus eliminating the risk of “garlic breath”. Supplements.htm


Women outlive Men

July 2, 2010

It’s a sad fact of life that, statistically, women outlive men by an average of six or seven years. Women also benefit from the beginning; all the problems that can affect babies in the womb are more common in males than females, and at birth a boy’s development is about four to six weeks behind a girl’s.

More boys than girls suffer from hyperactivity, reading and behavioural problems, clumsiness, stammering and autism. Once they make it to adulthood, boys are more likely to suffer from circulatory disorders (including the biggest killer, heart disease), diabetes, alcoholism, ulcers and lung cancer. Male infertility rates are also on the increase.

Why is this?

One of the problems is testosterone. Whilst helping on many areas, it does have some drawbacks, including raising cholesterol levels and blood pressure, it lowers the immune function and increases aggressive behaviour, which endangers health. Luckily there is an upside to this gloom as there are ways to reduce the risk of these problems.

Heart Disease.

One in four British men will have a heart attack before they retire, and one in three will eventually die from a heart attack or stroke, this is a good area to start working on. If you can exercise you can halve the risk of dying of heart disease. Fairly obviously diet is very important. Avoid saturated fats and refined sugars (which the body stores as fat).

Vitamin E can keep your artery walls flexible.

Coenzyme Q10 can improve energy production in the heart.
Magnesium can feed the heart muscles. Calm the nervous system and relax muscles.

Crataegus (Hawthorn) a herb that gently rebalances blood pressure. It can be taken alongside conventional medication, so long as the doctor is informed. It needs to be taken for at least six months and can be taken long term. It is particularly good for angina, but helps most heart problems.

Garlic lowers blood pressure by dilating blood vessel walls. It thins the blood by inhibiting platelet stickiness; this reduces the risk of blood clots and aids in preventing heart attacks. It also lowers serum cholesterol levels and aids in digestion. Garlic is useful for many diseases and illnesses, including cancer. It is a potent immune system booster and a natural antibiotic. It should be consumed daily!

Stress affects most people to some extent, but men often lack the safety valve that women have—the ability to have a good natter and moan to their friends, or bawl their eyes out and feel better afterwards. Stress often interferes with sleep, which is vital for allowing the body time to heal and restore tissues to prime functioning order, but also for processing the events of the day—good therefore for mental/emotional health.

Vitamin B to strengthen the nervous system against stress, physical and emotional.
Passiflora Complex is a calming remedy that can be taken long or short term alongside other medication. It helps to relieve stress relaxes the muscles and makes sleeping easier.

Urogenital Disease. The prostate gland contributes to sexual health by producing fluid for semen, in which sperm is transported. It is the size of a walnut and wraps itself around the urinary tract as it leaves the bladder. As men age the prostate gland enlarges, slowly squashing the urinary tract and reducing the space for urine to pass through.

Signs of an enlarged prostate are:
· A feeble urinary stream—can’t reach halfway up the wall any more.
· Difficulty starting to pee.
· Stopping and starting rather than a steady stream.
· Having to pee frequently and urgently.
· Having to get up frequently in the night to pee.
· Feeling that you can’t empty your bladder completely.
· Loss of libido.
· Recurrent urinary tract infections.

As urine can’t empty efficiently from the bladder due to the constriction caused by the prostate gland, stagnant urine stays in the bladder and easily becomes infected, adding to the general misery. All men are vulnerable to this condition, as the prostate starts to enlarge after the age of 30. 50% of men over 50 will have some symptoms, and this reaches nearly 100% after 80 years.

Passing blood in your urine is always a bad sign. There are several different things that might be indicated by this but all of them need to be checked by a health care provider.

· Zinc is a good general healer and particularly good for the prostate.
· Saw Palmetto is a herb that men should be very grateful for as far as the prostate is concerned. It gently reduces inflammation in it, causing it to shrink and release it’s strangle hold on the urinary tract. Unlike conventional drugs used for this problem Saw Palmetto does not affect your libido or erectile function; in fact because the whole area feels so much better it can have a very positive effect.

Use Saw Palmetto if you have symptoms of BPH, but also use it to maintain good prostate health either before you get the symptoms or once you think you are better! Remember that when you are over 30, the pesky thing is going to enlarge slightly every year, so you need to keep on top of it.

As urine will be flowing more freely from the bladder, you will be less likely to get urinary tract infections. There are those that claim that Saw Palmetto has a positive effect on male baldness, although these claims haven’t yet been proven.

Once prostate symptoms have improved, it has been found that the sex life tends to be so much better.

I can personally vouch for this.

March 22, 2010

You might be asking yourself, What is The Wonder Plant?

The answer is that it’s one of the names given to the Aloe Vera plant. Many peoples, nations and cultures have used it and documented the beneficial effects it has had on them. The fact that so many people have written about it and given it such names as Heaven’s Blessing, Dietary Plant, Plant of Life, Healing Plant, shows it was highly prized.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with an inner gel and has been used for centuries to maintain health and enhance beauty. It was prized by the Greeks and Egyptians among others.

It contains many of the nutrients your body needs to function to its full capacity.

It has proved helpful in curing you of the following illnesses: Asthma, allergies, digestive problems, etc. It strengthens your immune system, heals injured joints and many other things.

Up to fairly recently it was used and prized all around the world, but then drugs were invented, that were going to cure all ailments, and people stopped using it. But now with drugs getting such bad publicity people are returning to it, and other natural remedies once again.
Where do you suppose super bugs have come from?

And in the wake of them doing so clinical trials have been conducted and they have proved that what others had discovered from personal experience was indeed so. If you haven’t tried Aloe Vera, either externally or internally then you should as it has the ability to heal almost all your health issues.

Don’t You Dare Give Up!

February 27, 2010

Don’t You Dare Give Up!

By Randy Gage

February 26th, 2010

It’s 5 am and I should be sleeping.  But I’ve been tossing and turning for over an hour thinking about what I wanted to say to you.  It’s about the work you do and the dreams you want to live…

In our business we can earn a lot of money, win those trips to exotic locales, and drive those gorgeous bonus cars.  We have the chance to really get our freedom.

But that’s the thing about freedom.  It’s never free…

Freedom is the by-product of success and you must be willing to pay the price for success.  And success never goes on sale.  You have to pay the market price.  And that can be so very hard…

I know.  I struggled for five years in this business.  Sacrificed things to buy my monthly product order.  Alienated everyone around me, pestering them to join my business.  Argument after argument.

Because I could explain all the rational, logical reasons everyone should be in the business.  And if you wanted to argue with me, I could explain all the reasons you were being an idiot.

For some reason that approach didn’t work very well.  So I switched to strategy number two…

Begging.  But that approach didn’t work much better.  So for five years I went to presentation after presentation, bought tape after tape, attended meeting after meeting.  I talked about travelling the beaches of the world, while I parked my broken down junk heap in the back, so no one would see what I was driving.

I remember the first house meeting I did.  Invited about 14 or 15 people and waited, brimming over with excitement.  Of course you know what happened…

No one.  Not one.

Common sense tells you I should have quit.  But dreams never come true with common sense.  Dreams come true because they are bold, daring, and imaginative.  Because they are strong enough to pull you toward them.

I could have quit, should have quit, and would have quit.  But I came to a realization that changed everything for me:  I realized I was the most ambitious person I knew.

And there was freedom in that line of thinking.  Which eventually led to the real freedom.

I wish I could say after five years I magically flipped a switch and became rich, but that isn’t true.  But things started to change…

I began to understand the importance of a system and how duplication worked.  Began daily self-development, becoming less of the person people didn’t want to work with and more of the person they did.  Learned some skill sets.

And today I have those exotic cars, live in my dream homes, contribute to charities in a meaningful way, earn millions of dollars and have my freedom.  And while I appreciate the money, toys and trips, it’s about a lot more than that.

Which is why I’m writing you…

I have been where most of you are, and made it to the level most are even afraid to dream of.  So let me share what I have learned along the way, but most importantly, what I want for you.  Here are the four things I want for you:

1) Live a Life of Adventure.

Stop watching actors live adventure in movies and TV shows.  It’s time for you to live your own adventure.

I have flown the Concord, prayed in the Crystal Cathedral, fallen in love in Paris, taken a shower on the A380 airplane, flown in a hot air balloon, watched whales playing in Hawaii, meditated in a Shaolin Temple, piloted an airplane, rode an elephant through the rainforest in Thailand, visited all the world’s greatest opera houses, watched a ballgame in Wrigley Field, rode horses through the mountains, and heard the call to worship at mosques in Istanbul.  And I’m just getting started…

Is your adventure started yet?  Life is not about fighting rush hour traffic, working in a cubicle, or sending your kids to day-care.   Life is for living.  And that means you.

2) Get Your Freedom.

See number one.  You are not meant to be woken up with an alarm clock.  You are supposed to wake up when you finish sleeping.  When you wake up, you should be the one to choose how you are going to spend your day, and whom you are going to spend it with.  You’re supposed to order from the left side of the menu, not the right side.

Freedom is about having choices.  Whether it’s choosing what car to drive, home to live in, or exotic locale you want to vacation in.

It’s about choosing the causes to support, the school you want your kids to go to, and the people you want in your life.  Choosing to live out loud, in colour, with passion.

3) Right Injustice.

How often have you seen a situation that wasn’t right and felt powerless to stop it?  How many times have you wanted to right a wrong, but didn’t have the time or money or freedom to do it?

I’ve been able to right many an injustice.  But I couldn’t do that much when I was trapped and broke.  I can now because I am free.

Want to do a mission in the Philippines, help the starving kids in Africa, or the earthquake victims in Haiti?  Do what you can now, but to really make a meaningful difference, you probably need time, money and freedom.  Which leads us to…

4) Move from Success to Significance

I’m a former minimum wage dishwasher who became a multi-millionaire.  I am truly blessed.  And yes I appreciate the cars, homes and money this business has brought me.  That satisfies you for a while.  But then you want more…

You want to make a difference.  Leave a legacy.  Build something that outlives you.

That’s when life really begins. That’s when you know the world is a better place because you are in it.  And when be a better place even after you’re gone.

Whether it’s supporting the arts, building an orphanage, or saving the rainforest.  Maybe it’s sponsoring a Little League team, mentoring a young person, or starting a shelter for battered women.  Or all of the above.

I don’t know what is in your heart to do, but I know there is something.  And that’s what I challenge you to do.   Yes I wish freedom, lifestyle and all the goodies for you.  And I also wish you love, meaning and leading a life of significance.

It won’t be easy; I get that.  It means sacrifice.

Because it means at 7 pm, when your spouse is home and your kids want to play, you’re leaving to go to a meeting.  It means you’ll miss a chance to worship some weekends when you’re working with a long distance line somewhere.  It means making those calls to candidates long after the excitement and motivation of the big event has worn off.

But I had a mantra that got me free.  And it can get you free.  Here it is:

“I will do today what others will not do, so tomorrow I can do what others cannot do.”

Will you do that for me?  Will you do that for yourself?  Will you do that for all the people you’re going to be able to help?

The pain of discipline is far easier than the pain of regret.  When you feel fear, you must profess faith.  Because faith is deaf, dumb and blind.

Faith is deaf to rejection, dumb to failure, and blind to the possibility of defeat.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  It is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

We can’t see them, but we have a vision for them.  That is why we do self-development every morning; speak those affirmations, put up those pictures on the refrigerator.

Doing what we do is not easy.  It’s not supposed to be.  But it is simple.  And important.  Not just for your freedom and your dreams, but the freedom and dreams of everyone you will make a difference for.  Most people today doubt their beliefs and believe their doubts.  You have to be different.

Please.  Don’t you dare take down your dream board or those pictures on your refrigerator.  Don’t you dare let your spouse or kids see you quit.  Don’t you dare give up on your dreams!

That’s what I want to tell you this morning.

If you need help, get over to Amazon and pick up a couple of my books.  For training in the skill sets necessary for success, get the new edition of my book, “How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine” here:

If you have worthiness issues, or think you may be self-sabotaging your success, get, “Why You’re Dumb, Sick & Broke…And How to Get Smart, Healthy & Rich!” here:

If you don’t have enough room on your credit card right now, get them from the library.  But get them.  Because the dream really is real.  I’m living proof of that.  And it can be real for you.

You’re worth it.  You really are.  When you first looked at this wild, crazy business, you saw something.  Felt something.  Knew something.

Something spoke to you, and reawakened dreams you hadn’t thought about in a long time.  And introduced new ones.

Live those dreams.  That is my dream for you.

-Randy Gage

Thank you Randy Brilliant, I hope I can help some one who is about to give up with this. Adrian.

Healthy Alternatives

January 24, 2010

Are YOU looking for the Healthy Alternatives to YOUR health issues? I try to help with some of the methods you can use to be a more healthy person. After all the most important asset you have is good health. I come across people from all backgrounds who say they want to be more healthy but when I give them the information as to what they need to do, they can’t or won’t afford it!

Why not try to be more healthy? It’s not necessarily cheaper than the alternative but it is much less painful and IT WON’T KILL YOU!
Seems that most people want to be healthy but only when they have deteriorated into a poor state of health and are looking for a magic pill to cure them!  Well, I’m afraid if you are one of these poor unfortunates who have ridiculed us healthy lifestyle followers, and yes you do do it, remember ‘rabbit food etc.’ then your journey to our wonderful state of well being isn’t fixed by taking a few pills for a week or two and that’s it! No Sorry the bad news is that you might have to do this for some time, how long did it take to get ill? In fact being healthy becomes a habit. Yes, good habits can be aquired too.

Do you have one or more of the seven deadly diseases?
They tend to be the scourge of the unhealthy eater.

Heart disease, kills more than a million people a year! Do you have it? It is preventable and in many cases can be reversed.

Cancer, the most feared and most expensive of all diseases kills about 1,500 people a DAY in north America alone! If you live in the UK you will tell me treatment on the NHS is FREE! Yes, the actual pills and consultations may be but what about all the traveling you have to undertake to get it and the time you have to give up? Is that also FREE? What could you do with that time, where could you go that might be more interesting than a hospital? Who tells your children and grandchildren that you have cancer?
Dr. Arthur Furst, the developer of oral chemotherapy said, “If the disease doesn’t kill you then the cure will!”  So the prognosis isn’t good either way.

Stroke kills more men than prostate cancer, and more women than breast cancer, 730,000 strokes occur in the USA every year of those victims 150,000 WILL DIE. Many of the rest may wish they had as stroke is responsible for most disabilities, including paralysis, speech loss, impaired vision and memory loss.

The incidence of diabetes has risen by more than 600% in a generation. It kills 300,000 people every year.

Thirty-million have Arthritis. Yet, there are a few simple inexpensive steps that YOU can take to lower your chances of getting it.

Twenty-five million of us have Osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease. About 80% of which are women over 50, after 35 you loose bone mass at the rate of 1% a year.

Alzheimer’s Disease, a serious killer that makes you forget who your loved ones are, and in extreme cases who YOU are!

Sad really as all these diseases are largely preventable through proper nutrition, and even reversed by the same means! Fortunately taking  serious amounts of quality Food Supplements on a regular basis from Supplements.htm just might help and certainly won’t harm you.


January 12, 2010

In the recent past there has been discussion about the value of vitamins in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Whilst vitamins may help a better source for your cancer fighting ingredients is Natural Whole Food Supplements as they contain ALL the nutrients needed to help you in your struggle against this and the other debilitating diseases. Research has found that people whose diet is low in vitamin A are more likely to risk getting cancers of the stomach, colon, rectum, lung, larynx, bladder and prostate. Alongside this is the news that vitamin C may also lower the risk of stomach and oesophagus cancers.
Vitamins aren’t the only nutrients that can help prevent cancer and other diseases; minerals also play an important role. Zinc is very important for men at risk of hardening of the prostate, a pre-cancerous condition.
How does cancer develop? The most popular theory is that it is caused by free radicals, which damage the DNA of the cells, transforming a healthy cell into a cancerous one. So you would think that we ought to prevent free radicals forming! Easier said than done as free radicals are formed by oxygen, and as the cells need oxygen to survive and without it we die! Obviously the formation of free radicals is an inevitable fact of life. There are some ways you can restrict the formation of them an important one being not smoking as you ingest several billion with every puff.
Fortunately, with Food Supplements, you can neutralise free radicals, they contain substances known as antioxidants and phytonutrients. There is a growing amount of evidence that these can and do reduce the chance that most of the major diseases will ever get a foothold in your body. These include cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, cataracts, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Colds and flu will be of a shorter duration and less severe.
Experiments have shown that DNA damaged by free radicals can and is repaired by you if there is a plentiful supply of nutritional substances. Yes, you CAN get them from your diet but you more than likely do not as it is nearly impossible to eat sufficient quantities of food to obtain all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to help it remain healthy to a ripe old age most of us go down the debilitating road to our demise, not dropping off the end or having the plug pulled at the last possible moment, shouting WOW what a life.


November 27, 2009

Did you know that most people today are chronically

That simply means that they are not drinking enough
water and it is causing a number of symptoms like
complaints of “brain fog,” “fatigue,” and “exhaustion.”

Try drinking an 8 oz. cup of water today every hour
on the hour and see what happens. After doing that
for two days.

Air Fresheners

November 16, 2009

Dreamy piano music, floating images of fresh fruit, flowers, and seaside vistas – that’s what you’ll be greeted with when you visit the website of one of the world’s largest air freshener producers.
But if you want to get past the fragrances (and the scented oils, the wickless candles, the plug-ins, the plug-ins with light show, etc.) and find some information about exactly what chemicals are in these products, you’ll have to dig deep, and you won’t find much.
Enter US physician Dr. Anne C. Steinemann, of the University of Washington. She’ll take us on a tour of the contents of a few air fresheners and laundry products.

Caution: This tour smells sweet, but protective facemasks are recommended.
Less than the very minimum
Dr. Steinemann’s specialty is environmental engineering, so she became interested in air fresheners and other household products after hearing numerous reports from people who believed these items made them feel sick.
When she conducted a chemical analysis of three best-selling air fresheners and three laundry products, she says, “I was surprised by both the number and the potential toxicity of the chemicals that were found.” To avoid legal issues, Dr. Steinemann didn’t reveal any brand names of the products tested.

  • In six products, Dr. Steinemann found nearly 100 volatile organic compounds (V. O. C’s)
  • 10 of the V. O. C’s are regulated as either toxic or hazardous
  • Three are classified as carcinogenic hazardous air pollutants, which have no safe exposure level according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • One of the V. O. C’s was methyl chloride, linked to nervous system, liver, and kidney damage in animals
  • Each of the six products contained at least one of the 10 toxic or hazardous V. O. C’s

None of the product labels listed any of these V. O. C’s. No surprise there because US laws don’t require manufacturers of household products to list contents, unlike laws in the EU which are much more strict.

Reacting to this study, one toxicologist told the US newspaper, Baltimore Sun: “At the very minimum, we should have a right to know what is in these products.”

Gradual accumulation

So what’s the real danger in getting an occasional whiff of laundry detergent, shampoo, or air freshener?

In a UK study researchers monitored VOC levels for one year in 170 homes where mothers spent their days at home with children.


  • In homes where air fresheners were used daily, mothers averaged nearly 10 percent more frequent headaches than mothers in homes where air fresheners were used once a week or less
  • In the “daily” homes, mothers had more than 25 percent higher risk of depression
  • In the “daily” homes, infants were 32 percent more likely to suffer from diarrhoea
  • Infants in the “daily” homes had a significantly higher rate of earaches than infants in “once a week” homes

Researchers noted that the daily use of air fresheners and other aerosol products created a gradual accumulation of V. O. C’s.

Dr. Steinemann suggests that consumers avoid air fresheners and choose fragrance-free products. But beware – some manufacturers simply use a “masking fragrance” to neutralise the aroma of scented products.


Healthy Answers Fresh is a wholly natural air freshener that wraps up the smell and then destroys it!

Science Backs Cod Liver Oil Arthritis Cure!

November 4, 2009

For immediate release
14 February 2002

Scientists at Cardiff University have confirmed what thousands of people with arthritis have believed for years. Cod Liver Oil really is effective in treating joint pain and can slow, even reverse, the destruction of joint cartilage.

Cartilage is the ‘gristle’ that cushions bones and prevents them from grinding against each other. Loss of cartilage leads to osteoarthritis, the painful and disabling condition experienced by 1.5 million people in the UK and the major reason for joint replacement surgery.

Cod Liver Oil’s reputation for relieving the inflammatory processes involved in rheumatoid arthritis, a disease of the immune system affecting around 350,000 people including children, is already well established.

These new findings, by Professor Bruce Caterson in the School of Biosciences, bring hope to sufferers of the more prevalent osteoarthritic joint disease, particularly to those who are unable, because of adverse side effects, to take the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and COX-2 inhibitors commonly prescribed for the condition.

Professor Caterson explains that the Omega-3 fatty acids in Cod Liver Oil work by switching off the aggrecan- and collagen-degrading enzymes that break down joint cartilage. This, in effect, slows the progress of cartilage destruction that occurs in arthritis, reduces inflammation and thus lessens pain. He goes on to say, “Two years ago, research teams led by Professor John Harwood and myself at Cardiff University reported findings suggesting that the Omega-3 fatty acids in Cod Liver Oil can reduce cartilage degradation and inflammation in arthritic disease. Our most recent work shows that by exposing human osteoarthritic cartilage to Cod Liver Oil in the laboratory for just 24 hours we can turn off, or reverse, the action of the degradative enzymes and inflammatory factors affecting the tissue”.

Adds Professor Harwood, “This is where science and old wives’ tales coincide. Our findings are consistent with advice that taking Cod Liver Oil in early adulthood could prevent the onset of osteoarthritis and would reduce the harmful symptoms associated with the disease.”

A spokesperson for the Arthritis Research Campaign, which part-funded the research, commented: ‘We are currently directing a share of our research grants to investigation of non-drug therapies as many people are unable to tolerate the side effects of drug treatment. We are delighted that something as simple and widely available as Cod Liver Oil has the potential to bring relief and restore quality of life to so many’.

Professor Caterson’s findings will be published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism later this year.

Further information

Professor Bruce Caterson
School of Biosciences

What will they say when they find out about:- and Omega 3 Plus?


3 x Omega 3 Plus capsules provide an optimal healthy serving of EPA & DHA Essential Fatty Acids.

Contact Adrian on 441529497321 for your supplies.

Reducing the risk of cancer

October 28, 2009

By R. J. B. Willis MA MSc (Brunel) FRSH FRIPH AITV FIHPE


The myth that everyone with cancer will die from the disease was exposed some yars ago by the groundbreaking work of Professors Richard Doll and Richard Peto. They stated: ‘The common fatal cancers occur in large part as a result of lifestyle and other environmental factors and are, in principle, preventable.’

Professor Sir Richard Doll went on to say,   ‘On a worldwide scale the differences in incidence that we have observed encourage the belief that all common types of cancer are largely avoidable, in the sense that it should be possible to reduce the risk of developing each type by at least half and often by 80% or more.

Early recognition.

Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer is important, but better by far is prevention by avoiding the associated risks now clearly set out by the World Health Organisation and Europe Against Cancer. Doll and Peto’s work highlighted that cancers can be grouped into three.

  • The largest avoidable cause for cancer is smoking and accounts for about 30% of cancer deaths.
  • Another third is attributable to diet and alcohol use affecting every part of the digestive and excretory systems. Ernest Wynder of the American Health Foundation notes: ‘it is our current estimate that some 50% of all cancers in females in the Western world and about one third of all cancers in males are related to nutritional factors’. Or the lack of good nutrition.
  • The remaining third of cancer deaths is due to environmental hazards associated with the home, workplace or the wider environment; activities such as excessive sunbathing and use of sun beds; and cancers related to sexual and reproductive factors such as age gender and sexual activity.

Reducing the risks.

Clearly grouping cancers into these approximate thirds already points to measures that can help to reduce the risks:

  • Avoiding smoking, both personally and through staying out of smoke laden environments, will help to reduce risks. Quitting smoking is not as hard as it is sometimes portrayed, and there are lots of programmes to choose from.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables. They contain antioxidants that help to protect against cancer. Use more starchy complex carbohydrates, fibre rich foods, and less fatty foods, salt and sugar. In particular: have more fresh, dark green leafy and lightly cooked vegetables, salads and a variety of fresh fruits; wholemeal breads, brown rice, wholemeal pasta and a range of cereals which provide the complex carbohydrates and fibre; use generous quantities of beans, lentils and other pulses as accompaniments to meals, or prepared as the main protein in place of meat; avoid alcohol use.
  • We may not be able to do much personally to avoid environmental risks such as background radiation, but we can lobby governments to tackle the environmental problems worldwide.

Other risk lowering factors are firmly within the ambit of our own lifestyles.

  • Take regular exercise.
  • Use appropriate protection against likely carcinogens in the home and workplace. By using non-toxic products in the home and workplace.
  • Observe healthy sexual and reproductive practices.

Of course, non of the risk reduction aspects listed can guarantee a cancer free lifestyle—genetic susceptibility and other factors influence us—but, if cancer does develop, a person will be in a better

A whole Food Supplement

Crucifers help prevent cancer

position to respond, co-operate with, and enhance their treatment regime and outcome. The options for diagnosis and treatment are better today than they have ever been. The scope for fear has been markedly reduced.

If you  find as I have that it is difficult if not impossible to eat the quantities of food that are recommended in this article then perhaps you should do as I do and follow a regular food supplement programme for advice on this my contact details are on my web site. Several products have helped people to overcome major health issues.