Healthy Alternatives

Are YOU looking for the Healthy Alternatives to YOUR health issues? I try to help with some of the methods you can use to be a more healthy person. After all the most important asset you have is good health. I come across people from all backgrounds who say they want to be more healthy but when I give them the information as to what they need to do, they can’t or won’t afford it!

Why not try to be more healthy? It’s not necessarily cheaper than the alternative but it is much less painful and IT WON’T KILL YOU!
Seems that most people want to be healthy but only when they have deteriorated into a poor state of health and are looking for a magic pill to cure them!  Well, I’m afraid if you are one of these poor unfortunates who have ridiculed us healthy lifestyle followers, and yes you do do it, remember ‘rabbit food etc.’ then your journey to our wonderful state of well being isn’t fixed by taking a few pills for a week or two and that’s it! No Sorry the bad news is that you might have to do this for some time, how long did it take to get ill? In fact being healthy becomes a habit. Yes, good habits can be aquired too.

Do you have one or more of the seven deadly diseases?
They tend to be the scourge of the unhealthy eater.

Heart disease, kills more than a million people a year! Do you have it? It is preventable and in many cases can be reversed.

Cancer, the most feared and most expensive of all diseases kills about 1,500 people a DAY in north America alone! If you live in the UK you will tell me treatment on the NHS is FREE! Yes, the actual pills and consultations may be but what about all the traveling you have to undertake to get it and the time you have to give up? Is that also FREE? What could you do with that time, where could you go that might be more interesting than a hospital? Who tells your children and grandchildren that you have cancer?
Dr. Arthur Furst, the developer of oral chemotherapy said, “If the disease doesn’t kill you then the cure will!”  So the prognosis isn’t good either way.

Stroke kills more men than prostate cancer, and more women than breast cancer, 730,000 strokes occur in the USA every year of those victims 150,000 WILL DIE. Many of the rest may wish they had as stroke is responsible for most disabilities, including paralysis, speech loss, impaired vision and memory loss.

The incidence of diabetes has risen by more than 600% in a generation. It kills 300,000 people every year.

Thirty-million have Arthritis. Yet, there are a few simple inexpensive steps that YOU can take to lower your chances of getting it.

Twenty-five million of us have Osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease. About 80% of which are women over 50, after 35 you loose bone mass at the rate of 1% a year.

Alzheimer’s Disease, a serious killer that makes you forget who your loved ones are, and in extreme cases who YOU are!

Sad really as all these diseases are largely preventable through proper nutrition, and even reversed by the same means! Fortunately taking  serious amounts of quality Food Supplements on a regular basis from Supplements.htm just might help and certainly won’t harm you.


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