Teenage Acne

This condition is most prevalent amongst teenagers; the hormonal changes that take place are certainly a cause of many skin problems. These changes cause the sebaceous glands to produce too much sebum, which blocks the skin pores and makes them more likely to get infected. A diet high in saturated fat or fried foods also makes the pores more likely to get blocked. Vitamin A deficiency produces skin congestion through over keritinisation of skin cells. Vitamin A and zinc deficiency leads to lowered ability to fight infection, as does a lack of beneficial bacteria (often through the overuse of antibiotics).


Diet Advice

Follow an optimum diet and drink lots of water. Eat as healthily as possible, drink Carrot Juice. Sulphur rich foods such as eggs, onions, and garlic are helpful. Avoid sugar, cigarettes, fried and high fat foods, no sugar or chocolate, no starch, do not use iodized salt. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. A fast may help as this gets rid of a build up of many toxins in the body, it may however appear to make your condition worse as the toxins are released through your skin!


Products that will help are: –


Chelated Zinc 1 tablet twice daily (do not exceed 100mg a day).

Aloe Vera Gel   applied after washing

Formula IV 1 capsule 3 times daily

Vitamin C sustained release 1 tablet 3 times daily

Beta-Guard 1 tablet 3 times daily

Garlic 1 tablet 3 times daily

Omega 3 3 capsules daily


Lavender, red clover and strawberry leaves can be used as a steam sauna for the face. Lavender kills germs and stimulates new cell growth. Using a glass or enameled pot simmer 2-4 tablespoons of dried or fresh herbs in 4 pints of water. When the pot is steaming place it on top of a potholder on a table, and sit with your face at a comfortable distance over the steam for fifteen minutes. You can use a towel to trap the steam if you wish. After fifteen minutes splash your face with cold water. Allow your face to air dry or pat it with a towel. If desired you may follow this treatment with the use of a clay mask. Blend together 1 teaspoon of green clay powder (available from good health food stores) and 1-teaspoon raw honey, and apply the mixture to your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave in place for fifteen minutes, and then rinse with luke warm water. Caution: if acne is severe or inflamed, do not use steam treatments as this may worsen the condition.


To get your supplements


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