Curing My Brain Tumour

Continuing the story……….

If this was the end of the tale it would still be concerting enough for me to relate, unfortunately it doesn’t end here. During this time I lost a younger brother due to a brain tumour partly perhaps due to misdiagnosis as it was at first thought by the medics that he had Epilepsy and was treated for that for a few months before it was realised that perhaps it wasn’t and more tests were performed and eventually an MRI scan was done revealing a tumour on the left side of his brain. Unbeknown to the medical staff he had suffered a bang on the head when in a local pub he went to the toilet and there were some teenagers messing around in the yard, and of course he remarked to them that they ought not to be doing whatever it was they were doing and went on his way to the toilets. As he returned one of them picked up a chair and hit him over the head with it causing him to fall to the floor. Apparently a blow to the head can result in damage to the blood brain barrier which  then allowed toxins to enter the brain. I’m sure you are aware the last place you need toxins are anywhere in your body much less being let loose in your brain cells.

Once this was decided an operation to remove it was of course recommended and he followed the advice of the specialist after all they know what they are doing don’t they! They claimed the operation had been successful and the tumour had been removed but he should go for radiotherapy to make sure it had all gone. This he did and for many months travelled to the hospital for treatment which wasn’t very pleasant. I suggested that he might like to take a natural treatment after the therapy had finished and he agreed that it was a good idea. He commenced taking Carotenoid ComplexÔ, within a few days the headaches returned and he went for another MRI scan where it was found that the tumour had started to grow once more. He decide that the Carotenoid ComplexÔ was what had started the return of his problem and decided he didn’t want the pain of the headaches again, so discontinued taking them. Had a second operation to remove the tumour, this was again announced that it had been successful and the tumour had been removed but as a precaution he should have further radiotherapy! This continued for some months with regular trips to the hospital for the treatment and then after only six months the specialist told him it had returned and there was no more they could do for him as his immune system was to weak to sustain another operation so he was sent to a nursing home where he passed away three weeks later!

Some of the noticeable symptoms my brother had were, painful headaches that would cause him to almost pass out, the partial closing of his left eye and a rash on the back of his hand that even GNLD’s Aloe Vera Gel didn’t have any impact on and as you will have noted from the photo’s at the start of this article it’s a very good healer on skin problem’s.

When my left eye became partially closed I didn’t place too much importance on the fact and left it to it’s own devices as I knew it would get better! Josie, my wife said that she was a bit concerned and perhaps I should go to the doctor and ask him why it was like that, again being a man I knew it would get better so ignored her advice! I then began to get some pounding headaches that would not give up their relentless pounding and was taking an inordinate number of painkillers and they certainly did the job of relieving the pain. One night as I was drying myself after bathing I noticed a rash on my right shin! I immediately thought that these were the symptoms Graham, my brother had and I was not going along the medical method of treating this, if in fact it was a tumour causing the symptoms, I started taking six Carotenoid Complex daily in divided doses and am still here today to tell the tale. This is one of the many reasons why I recommend GNLD’s products, in particular the Whole Food Supplements, which I consider to be second to none and continue to be an independent distributor for.

Recently I spoke to a MacMillan nurse, they specialise in the care of terminally ill cancer patients, explaining the symptoms that both I and my brother had and her immediate comment was “those are classics symptoms of a brain tumour!” I felt vindicated and very happy that I took the action I did, when I did, rather than going to the doctor and following the route taken by Graham.

There are many other success stories about these wonderful GNLD products, such as Dr. Don Lawson’s recovery from polio after being paralysed from the neck down. A lady with MS who was confined to her bed and got out and eventually went back to work Earl Pearson who again was told to go home and prepare for the worst! Almost every distributor has a favourite story about how these fantastic products have helped either them or someone they know.

Will you make your story with them?

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