Hitting the bottom of a pool!

The results of diving into a swimming pool and hitting the bottom with my head!

On the 28/7/2002 for a photo of me a short while afterwards go to my web site http://www.healthyanswers.co.uk

The day after, What a mess you made of your face.

A recent photo 2010

You can’t see the join!

This is as a result of using GNLD’s Aloe Vera Gel on the wounds.

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My recent story begins with this injury, soon afterwards I found I was having difficulty breathing during the slightest exertion and I had to give up my sport of sailing as I became short of breath after tacking, that’s changing direction to those of you that do not know, and requires that you move smartly from one side of the boat to the other in order to prevent it capsizing, not a highly desirable thing to happen as it usually happens whilst racing allowing the others people competing to put a good distance between you and them and you get very wet!

I went to the GP and of course he couldn’t give me any reason why this had happened and an appointment with a specialist was made who still could not decide why this was happening after a series of tests with barium meals he said that everything appeared to be alright, next an examination of my stomach by a camera down my throat! Not a pleasant experience, I suffered the examination hoping it would reveal the cause of my shortness of breath, however that was not to be as there wasn’t any evidence of damage to the stomach lining! Then the x-rays to try and see if there was anything amiss not very conclusive but they thought that perhaps my stomach had moved so an appointment was made with another specialist. He had a look at the x-ray results and concluded that my stomach had broken away from the lower anchorage points and was occupying some of the area that my lungs were in and would require surgery to pull it back down into it’s proper place. When I asked if this could be because of my accident his response was that it was highly unlikely and poo pooed such a thought as this kind of thing “often happens to people of your age”!

I maintained then, and still do to this day that it had everything to do with the accident as most illnesses in my opinion start slowly and the degeneration is noticed over a period of time whereas this occurred almost overnight. Then an operation was suggested to pull it back to the correct position, which I decided to have as the surgeon offered to do it using micro surgery and there would not be any scarring, which to his credit is true. The operation was successful and I can now exert my self and not experience any abnormal shortage of breath, so can exercise and help to keep myself in good shape. This, I feel is essential as many people live a sedentary life particularly after retirement they seem to think that exercise isn’t necessary after a certain age! Which of course is not true it is equally as important after retirement as it was before fitness and good health aren’t the reserve of the young. Which of course is not true, it is equally as important after retirement as it was before; fitness and good health aren’t the reserve of the young.

To be continued….here http://wp.me/pFuCj-29

The Damage


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