Vitamins and Minerals

It seems that daily there are headlines are announcing the latest findings from some group and often headlined by the media, about how some supplements are’t giving us the benefits that they are supposed to.

Experts have historically agreed that everyone needs to consume an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to help fill the nutritional gaps in their diet. Even vegetarians, who are considered to be lead a very healthy lifestyle, need a multi vitamin and mineral to get the nutrients their diets do  not provide in adequate amounts. Thats why we call them supplements.

Our bodies simply cannot obtain all the nutrients we need from the food we eat. Even people who maintain a healthy diet should supplement with vitamins to improve their overall health. As well as exercise and eating right, a daily multivitamin and mineral Formula IV can help boost your immunity, fight free radical damage, and help your body get the extra support it needs as you age. I like Formula IV because it is derived from whole food, and contains Tre-en-en a group of essential fats  that help your cell walls become more permeable, no other supplement contains these. For additional information Supplements.htm

Of course there is far more to being in the peak of health than a multi vitamin and mineral, if you want to prevent the 5 major killer diseases then you need to make sure that you have the full specrum of preventative fruits and veggies. Again YOU cannot eat sufficient quantities of these to ensure good health and supplements can help you make up the shortfall. How many times have you heard the cry “I don’t like broccolli!” ” I don’t like radishes!” two of the best cancer fighters yet we don’t like them! Well now you don’t have to like them swallow them in a pill Cruciferous Plus contains both of these and more to help you ensure a healthy lifestyle into old age. We like to call it Healthy Aging and it can be yours if you so wish.

Contact me through to find out how we can and will help you.


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